Exclusive channel variety from Turkey

Turkey is one of the most dynamic media markets within Europe. Medit always has an oversight of this rapidly changing market and thus enables a problem-free licence continuence within the German market since 2001.

Our portfolio of rights include the total bandwith of Turkish TV output, ranging from the full-content programmes offered by the leading channels in the market to attractively packaged news broadasts and from popular music channels to interesting documentaries, plus various film channels for the whole family.

Our services

Exclusive rights and contracts directly with
…. owners/channels
for DTH, cable, IP-TV, WEB-TV/OTT,
as well as catch-uP TV rights.
We provide exclusive marketing materials
…. such as pictures, videos and electronic
…. program guides
We undertake the complicated
…. transnational approval processes of these
…. marketing materials
Regular updates on the changes in the
… .Turkish media market
Background information
Information on new content
Rating for Turkish
… .media in Turkey and Germany