The Video-on-Demand market in Germany is predicted to grow rapidly in the near future, according to a market research conducted and recently released by Goldmedia. The research shows that 4 million people have already used commercial online video sites in 2013.  These viewers have rented eight and bought six films in average. The total turnover of the market, which was 163 million Euros in 2013, is expected to be tripled in 2018 with a projection of 449 million Euros.

Klaus Goldhammer, manager of Goldmedia, claims that the growth will start immediately in 2014, since all conditions for a VOD mass market are already available in Germany.

Today, there are many active German VOD sites, such as Watchever, Lovefilm, Snap and Maxdome, and the rumour that the US firm Netflix will enter the market is already heating up the scene.