Viewers of Sen Çal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door) have been debating on the show’s final date

Turkish newspaper TV100 has confirmed that the series Sen Çal Kapimi will end in May along with other shows. This came after the low ratings of the recent episodes, as it began to significantly backtrack compared with the early episodes of the show and its inability to reach the required classification on Saturday evenings, according to TV100.

In the report, they added that despite the change in the script of the romantic-comedy series, it did not witness the expected response from the audience; Which forced producers to discontinue with it, adding that they will not produce a second season of Sen Çal Kapimi (You Knock On My Door).

In previous weeks, social media followers circulated that Sen Çal Kapimi will end at episode 50. When journalists met Hande Erçel on the street earlier this week, she commented that the show is going very well, and there’s no decision have been taken regarding ending it, or that episode 50 is going to be the final one.

Hürriyet Turkish newspaper reported that no official statements have been released by the producers of the show regarding the finale date or a possible second season. They added that the series is still continuing with new episodes to be aired every Saturday.